Bakhe Dlamini is

He runs his private practice in Sandton. He holds a degree in Theology from Global University, Missouri, USA and Masters Degree in Community Psychology from MAGU, Malawi. Bakhe is married to his dear wife Nokwanda, and together they have three children: Owayo, Olubanzi, & Onovuyo.

The work I do is highly personal for me. It is not a thing of theories. Family comes first. I live what I talk about. I'm passionate about families. Seeing love win gives me tremendous joy

Public Speaking

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    Public Speaker
    Bakhe Dlamini is a highly experienced and much sought after public speaker. He is known for his captivating, exciting, and powerful delivery on stage.
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Bakhe Dlamini is married to Nokwanda Dlamini, and together they run their private practice in Sandton.