Looking for practical solutions for your relationship/marriage?

Look no further. We handle the most complex cases globally, and you can be guaranteed a solution.

We offer:

Marriage therapy, Relationship Counselling, Family therapy (reconciliation), Premarital Counselling, Children's therapy, Grief Counselling, Trauma Counselling, Life Coaching, Divorce Counselling, Career Guidance

Working Hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM-3:00PM

Therapy Session

Office Walk in:

Individual's Session: R1 300

Couple's Session: R1 600

Online sessions:

Individual's Session: R1 000

Couple's Session: R1 200

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Premarital Counselling (3 sessions Program)
R5 000

therapy session image

Marriage Therapy Package
R4 400

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We are at 6 Albury Road, Corner Jan Smut, Albury Office Park,
Dunkeld West Unit 4, Suit no.61

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