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Marriage & Family Therapist

Bakhe Dlamini Consultancy is a private practice based in Sandton and has a clientele that spans throughout South Africa, the US, UK, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Suide Arabia, China, Taiwan, Botswana, Namibia, Eswatini, etc. The practice is an answer to the modern day couple. Relevance and practical solutions is what Bakhe Dlamini Consultancy is known for. Not only does Bakhe Dlamini Consultancy provide cutting edge therapy sessions for those in relationships and marriage, Bakhe Dlamini Consultancy hosts national ground breaking marriage seminars and marriage bootcamps.

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Buy any of Bakhe Dlamini's books. Each copy: R300

  • Combo offer: R1200
  • We deliver nation wide via PEP Paxi at a fee of R100
  • eBook: R200
  • Once you have made payment, forward proof of payment via our Whatsapp button, you will be assisted
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